Das Sonnbichl – Accommodation video and imagery

Before beginning the project we were asked to first storyboard a series of ideas for a video that represents the hotel best.


“Not like all the other hotel videos, something fun and different…”

We came up with 3 ideas which we presented to the hotel owners. Our selected idea ran along the theme that ‘some secrets are too good to tell’ with the tag line “Don’t believe everything your friends tell you.”


Our dialogue was represented as a phone message conversation between our young couple staying at Sonnbichl and their friends back home. The idea being that the couple replied with false information about their vacation because they did not want to give the secret away.

Ensuring this dialogue was clear we used images of our couple enjoying their vacation. We also needed to showcase the multitude of activities on offer at Sonnbichl from guided Hiking tours to Mountain Biking and E-Biking in collaboration with Rad Company. Among the activities we were also asked to promote the quality of rooms and gourmet food at the Sonnbichl.


Property, Sport