NATHAN PHILLIPS bouldering Dandelion Mind 8B

Last week we managed to catch up with Nathan Phillips in the Peak District and it’s certain to say he is looking very strong at the moment.

Here is a quick video we produced of his ascent of Dandelion Mind 8B.

This is what Nathan had to say…

“It took 5-7 sessions over 3 years. Felt pretty greasy on the day but my Friction Labs ‘Secret Stuff’ helped me out. I’m feeling on top form at the moment. I’ve been putting a lot of time on the rock and it’s paying off. Rocklands is only a few weeks away and I’m so psyched to get out there!”

Nathan is looking über-strong with a recent run of hard ascents including flashing Ropes of Maui 8B in Llanberis Pass – this being the hardest flash of a boulder problem in the UK!

With our Rocklands trip just around the corner we’re looking forward to seeing what Nathan can produce for our next film Destination Rocklands. This being the third film in the ‘Destination’ series it’s been fantastic to see Nathan develop over the years into a world class climber.


Nathan is sponsored by Scarpa, Organic, Friction Labs, Climb Skin and White Spider Climbing.

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