Behind the lens
An award winning adventure sports photographer.
An accomplished rock climber, mountaineer and skier. My clients can rely on me to successfully complete their project even in the harshest of environments.
Sponsored by Jöttnar, Julbo Eyewear, Petzl UK and Whitedot Skis.

One of the most important stages to any project. Start your project right with the Pre-production services I provide including Storyboarding, Shot Listing, Scripting and Location Planning.


Need somebody to accompany your athletes and get those in action products photos? I can deliver captivating images even in demanding environments.


Need to promote your latest product or profile your newest team member? Experienced in a variety of productions I can film your next product video, web series or film.


I see all my projects through from beginning to end and provide the finishing touches that your production deserves. Including cutting, colour correction, stabilisation and rendering.


Want to find out more? 

Contact: John Thornton
Phone: +44 (0) 7999480223